In a brief brought to young creatives by Ad Age & the Gun Safety Alliance, the task was to find a way to incentivize our peers to register in time for the midterm elections, while reminding them of the issues surrounding gun violence and how voting can help initiate a change. 

My Role: Art Director 

Copywriter: Victoria Rosenthal

Redesign of University bookstore and dining hall bags. Along with cups and textbook sleeves. 

Toy guns that 'shoot' facts about gun violence that are placed in university event goodie bags, along with purchases from the on-campus bookstore.

In busy university areas, cardboard cutouts of students are placed in fearful poses that read facts about gun violence.

Combining university class registration and voter registration in one process.

Because gun control and gun safety are such polarizing issues in the United States, this simple ad is meant to open discourse; placed in more conservative areas.

© 2020 by Rachel Vasquez

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